Tips for improving your artworks

Everyone likes art.
Art looks good. But have you ever thought what art really means? Or what music really means? Ever thought if a dog or a cat would appreciate art or music?
… Human beings are blessed with art.
Here are a few tips for beginners:
  • Get a piece of plastic or butter paper to keep under your hand while sketching with pencils.
  • Avoid using an eraser in sketches, but when necessary, use a towel to remove eraser dust.
  • Never use short strokes; always make long, bold strokes. Be confident.
  • Always sit comfortably. Art requires patience.
  • Avoid copying, unless you’re copying from a photograph you took.
  • Maintain a file containing all your work.
  • Know your medium well. Play around with the medium a bit before you try working with it.
  • Music helps some people concentrate. Even in studies. Only for some people, not everyone.
  • Choose your subject well.
Here is a good book for sketching.

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