An Architect and a Doctor have equally crucial responsibilties

Most of you might think I’m only saying this because I’m in this line. But if you do some research, you will learn that this is actually true.
Have you ever wondered who is blamed when a building falls due to a minor earthquake and thousands of lives are lost? Or who is blamed when a faulty emergency evacuation system causes loss of lives? Or when you just get lost in a big building 😛 ?
No, not the civil engineer, not the builder, not the owner, not the people who approved the plans, not the laborers…
The Architect.

Every architect is given a legal license by the Council of Architecture (COA). This license allows him or her to legally practice architecture. However, when something terrible (like the above situations) happens, the architect is questioned and if found guilty; not only will the license be cancelled, but the architect may also be put behind bars.

Like a Doctor, an Architect must have full knowledge of his project and the site. He should know every detail, as if he created the entire site with his own two hands. Anything less than that, is murder.
Similarly, a Doctor must have full knowledge of the human body, as if he created it himself. Anything less than that, is murder.

Also, doctors and architects, both have to possess a valid legal license in order to practice.

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