My experience in BIT Mesra – by Siddhant Jena

Exactly a month ago I was waiting for my rank list in jee mains. Accouding to last years rank list, I was sure of admission in BIT Mesra or NIT Calicut.
So I finally got selected for BIT Mesra and I was tensed – Jharkhand – I never knew I would land up in Ranchi even though I knew it existed just above my state.
I came to the hostel on 26th July with my parents. They were to leave me that day. We exchanged last words and then they were gone. I couldn’t see my brother shed tears. That night was a night of complete strangeness and realisations. It was a childhood mindset that I would never go to hostel. But here I am. Overall, till now, I feel the campus is awesome. 3 Canteens, stationary shops, cafe, sports complex!! What could a guy need more?!
Yes, there are some difficulties I have faced (though my dad says I’m just whining), back in my hometown, I used to walk 1 km in 7 days. Now a days, it’s 7 kms in 1 day. But that’s my laziness. Another thing is washrooms. I swear to God the day I reach home, I would first touch the entrance of the washroom before my parents’ feet. But despite these, I find it pretty cool in here. The weather is erratic, but that doesn’t matter.
All I know is I am studying in one of the best B. Arch colleges in India and I am glad I could make it to here.

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