Improve your PC’s performance for AutoCAD and other CAD Softwares

AutoCAD, Maya, 3DS Max, etc are very heavy software that require high RAM. The lower limit of RAM for just tolerable speed is 4 GB. Anything less than that will make you pull your hair out. At 4 GB, performance is bumpy; becoming non responsive after every few commands. This can be fixed in two ways..

Option 1 (Less Effective): ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is a software included in Windows (Vista and above) that turns most USB Drives into RAM Extensions. But it’s just a software and isn’t very powerful.
  1. Plug in a USB Drive.
  2. Right click on it’s icon in ‘My PC’
  3. Open it’s Properties.
  4. Go to the ReadyBoost Tab.
  5. Select ‘Dedicate this Device to ReadyBoost’ if it’s a useless usb drive              OR               Select ‘Use this device’ and set the space you want to allocate for ReadyBoost.
  6. Click on OK.

Option 2 (More Effective): Paging
Paging is a complicated thing. Basically Windows uses this feature to use unused space on your Hard Drive as Virtual RAM. It is recommended that for PCs with more than 1 GB RAM, around 3 times it’s RAM should be reserved on the Hard Drive for paging. More reserved space means better performance.
  1. Open the Control Panel->System and Security->System
  2. Open the Advanced System Settings
  3. Under the Advanced Tab, open the performance settings
  4. Again, under the Advanced Tab (third time), click on ‘Change’
  5. Uncheck the box that says ‘Automatically manage…drives’
  6. Change the reserved sizes for the drive volumes as per requirement. Don’t forget to click on ‘Set’ every time.
  7. Click on OK.
Option 3: Buy more RAM.

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