>What is this?
This is a simple application for assigning custom keyboard commands. Helps people who want ro avoid the keyboard or long commands. Also saves time often. Can act as a multi-slot Clipboard for text.

>Wow! How much does it cost?
This software is Freeware. Please do not take or give money for this software.

>Well can I donate?
No thanks, but maybe drop me an email of appreciation if you like it 🙂

>Are you sure it’s not a virus or a keylogger?
… -_- of course it isn’t. This application can only send limited keys as a keyboard. It doesn’t even require Administrative Access.

>You said limited keys. Which keys can it send?
All the keys that you can type directly from your keyboard as text, excluding the following:
%   &   (   )   +   {   }   |   [   ]  
For those who know Visual Basic and .NET, My.Computer.Keyboard.SendKeys command doesn’t allow these characters for some reason.

>How do I use it?
1. Pin the application to the Taskbar.
2. On launch, a very light line will show on the right edge along with a small text box and a button on the taskbar.
3. Move your cursor to the line – the dock will show.
4. The dock consists of 10 tabs with 10 buttons each.
5. To assign the dock to an application, click on the button on the taskbar. If the button is not visible, click on the right edge of your screen.
6. A window will show up with a list of running applications which can be assigned to the dock.
7. Select an application.
WARNING: If the title of the selected application changes, the dock may stop working. So avoid changing file names if they show on your application titlebar.
8. Once assigned, close the window.
9. Each button in the dock sends the command given in the text area above it. To change the command, simply type it into the text area above the required button.
10. You may save and load profile presets. Click on the taskbar button and then click on ‘Load… / Save…’. This will open another window with a list of 10 presets.
11. To save a preset, select a slot and click save. To load it, click load. To delete it, click delete.
12. You can also lock the shortcuts and application text areas to avoid changing them accidentally.

NOTE: This software is only a small tool for ease in working with applications like Autodesk AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3DS Max, or word processing software. It has not been professionally developed. Use at your own risk. For any queries or suggestions, feel free to email me – But please don’t complain if it doesn’t work for you. That would be unfortunate, but frankly I don’t care. Don’t worry it’s a small software so it can’t harm your computer in any way. And it can only send keys , so don’t think that it’s some sort of a keylogger.

If the application shows an error saying ‘The application does not exist’ or ‘key cannot be sent’, it’s your fault. Generally it’ll give you two options in such cases – Continue or Quit. You can select Continue without worrying about any harm to your computer. Use this tool with patience and it’ll be helpful for you.

Made by Praneet Mathur.

Download link (.rar)

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