Comparison of Software for Architects – 2 – Why SketchUp is great

The graph shown in the previous post was a graph of the software used as BIM applications and for similar purposes. This graph is for general CAD Applications. Once again AutoCAD leading, though SketchUp keeps it’s users happier. Slightly.
This is what I love about SketchUp. It’s shamelessly intuitive and versatile, while being adequately accurate and flexible. While people argue that Rhino is a better CAD Application than SU and Revit is better at BIM, this graph and I believe otherwise. Revit may be better at BIM, but it’s most definitely not versatile. You have to learn a lot of things before you can easily create complex structures in Revit. And Rhino may have Grasshopper, but SU has Ruby. An entire programming language along with a large community of developers. SU isn’t perfect, but it’s closest to the best of both worlds.
If you’re confused how SU is a BIM capable software, check out Dibac or BuildEdge. And for essential Ruby Plug-ins, check out this post. What’s more, SU has it’s own Android app!
Although I love SketchUp, I often hate it when it messes up my model or crashes unexpectedly. It’s very frustrating. It needs a lot of development still. If Trimble works towards it, they might be able to perfect it. Otherwise I can’t wait for someone to release something better. Maybe another Google project? Or an Autodesk miracle?

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