Comparision of Rendering Software

Software compared:

  1. Abvent Artlantis Studio 6
  2. Indigo Renderer 3.8
  3. Lumion 5
  4. Maxwell Render for SketchUp 3.2.5
  5. Autodesk Mental Ray for Maya 2015
  6. SU Podium 2.5
  7. Thea Render 1.5
  8. Unreal Engine 4
  9. V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp
Software Compatibility: Ease of use with various 3D modelling Software such as SketchUp, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, etc.
Hardware Compatibility: Performance on low grade hardware or performance with multiple applications running on the same system.
User Friendliness: Ease of use and intuitiveness of GUI, accessibility of various options and time required to learn.
Time Saving Features: Additional features that help save time in common render jobs and render engine speed for high quality outputs.
Input Versatility: Types of high quality renders possible, such as interiors, exteriors, underwater, detailed, technical, sectional, orthographic, fish-eye, panorama, etc.
Output Versatility: Types of outputs available, such as .jpeg image, .png image with transparent background, .mp4 movie with transparent background, .avi movie, .gif animation, .exe real-time executable, .apk Android application, etc.
Quality wrt. Time: Output quality obtained for a standard render with respect to the time taken to render (from applying materials to the model to saving the desired output file)(may include use of image editing software post render).
The software with the highest overall score might not be the ideal software for your purpose. Each software has unique features that may fulfill your requirements.

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